NHS Continuing Healthcare

NHS Continuing Healthcare is a package of ongoing care that is arranged and funded solely by the NHS if you are found to have a ‘primary health need’ – this means you have complex ongoing health needs but are not being cared for in hospital.

NHS South West London is responsible for carrying out the assessments to find out what support you may be eligible for.

If you are eligible for NHS Continuing Healthcare, the next stage is to arrange a care and support package that meets your assessed needs. Depending on your situation, different options could be suitable, including support in your own home and the option of a personal health budget.

We will work collaboratively with you and consider your views when agreeing your care and support package and the setting where it will be provided. However, we can also take other factors into account, such as the cost and value for money of different options.

Having a Continuing Healthcare assessment

Please contact the South West London Continuing Healthcare Team to discuss your needs and to set up an assessment.

Funding enquiries

To make an enquiry about Continuing Healthcare or other healthcare funding, please contact the team in your area: