Returning to school or college

Returning to school following the coronavirus lockdown will be a stressful time for many pupils and students of all ages.

These resources may help you, or someone you know, support a child to continue to grow and develop under lockdown, and also help prepare them to return to the classroom.

SWLCCG and Achieving for Children held six transition workshops to help children, young people and their parents to prepare for the transition from primary school to secondary schools.

Not all schools will be able to provide transition workshops at the beginning of the school year due to social distancing measures, so we hope that sharing the presentations from these sessions may help some people discover strategies to manage any worries or problems they might encounter.

We recommend downloading the accompanying workbook which can be used to complete the activities in the presentations.

SWLCCG and Achieving for Children have also published a guide for pupils returning to secondary school after lockdown.

Good Thinking, which offers Londoners free guides and apps to help improve how you feel everyday, has tips to help you deal with concerns you may have about returning to school in the pandemic.

General support

South West London and St George’s Mental Health NHS Trust has videos that talk you through some common worries and feelings that children and young people may experience as they return to school after lock down and how you can support them.

School after lockdown – managing your child’s anxiety

Learn about common worries and feelings that children may experience when returning to school after lockdown and how you can support them

Supporting your teenager with lockdown and the return to school

Learn how to support teenagers during lockdown and help them cope with Covid-19. We also look at how to support them with the transition back into school

Merton’s children and young people’s wellbeing service has published a film about supporting children starting secondary school.

Help with difficult conversations

Good Thinking, has put together tips and links to other useful resources to help you and your child return to full-time education. It offers advice on how to discuss some complex issues and answer some difficult questions.

Resource packs

Achieving for Children has developed a resource pack to help parents and carers support their children, especially those in the adolescent phase of development (11-14yrs). The pack is being published over ten weeks – each week including a presentation and accompanying worksheet to work through together.

We recommend reading each presentation before working through the accompanying worksheet with your child.

Islington Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service (CAMHS) has published a workbook full of exercises to help parents support children transitioning from primary to secondary school.

Partnership for Children, a UK registered charity based in Kingston, has developed activity packs for parents and carers to help children cope with a variety of situations, including returning to school (pack 5).

Deaf children

National Deaf Children’s Society has published a guide for families supporting deaf children during the outbreak.

Official guidance has published official guidance to help you support you child during the pandemic. has published official guidance for critical workers who need access to schools or educational settings during the pandemic.

General advice

Achieving for Children has published guidance for teachers in Kingston and Richmond on students transitioning back to school after the pandemic.

Anna Freud has published a guide to supporting children and young people, including those with special educational needs, for schools and colleges.

Healthy London Partnership has published a schools mental health toolkit specifically for COVID-19.

The Department for Education has published several webinars for school and college staff about supporting returning pupils and students.

Shielding families

The British Psychological Society (BPS) has published advice about the needs of children who have been shielding themselves, or who are in families where someone else has been shielding.

Support for deaf children

National Deaf Children’s Society has published a guide for professionals supporting deaf children during the outbreak.

Visit for more guidance and information about education during the coronavirus pandemic.