Wandsworth COVID-19 vaccination programme

Last updated: 30 September 2021

Are you or your child aged 12 or over?
Book your COVID-19 vaccination online now

If you or your child are aged 12 or over, a carer or have an underlying health condition, call 119 or visit nhs.uk/covid-vaccination to book your COVID-19 vaccination appointment.

Your local NHS is delivering the biggest vaccination programme in its history. Everyone has an important part to play to help us with this programme of work

  • The COVID-19 vaccines are safe and effective. They will give you the best protection against coronavirus.
  • It’s never too late to get the Covid vaccine. It’s safe and effective, but speak to your GP if you have any concerns.

Who’s being prioritised for vaccination?

Anyone aged 16 and over can now get their COVID-19 vaccination. Eligible children aged between 12 and 15 can also receive their jab. For further details on whether your child is eligible, click the link below.

What do you need to know about appointments?

When it’s your turn, you’ll be invited by the NHS to book an appointment.

Where can you get vaccinated?

The vaccination is being offered in a variety of places across south west London, including GP and pharmacy-led services, hospitals and community vaccination centres.

You may also be able to have your first vaccination at walk-in clinics in south west London – but not everyone is eligible, so please check the clinic details before deciding to go.

Boost your immunity this winter

With two viruses in circulation, it’s more important than ever for those who are eligible to have the COVID-19 booster and the flu vaccines.

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Weekly update

In the latest stage of the NHS vaccination programme, it has been confirmed that 16 and 17 year olds are now eligible to take up the first dose of the Covid-19 vaccine, protecting themselves, their family and friends.

As well as some local GPs beginning to contact those aged 16 and 17 years registered with their practices, we are pleased to confirm that we now have a number of sites across South West London, that are able to offer walk-ins to this group. We expect the National Booking System to open up to bookings for this age group in the near future. 

You can find the latest walk-in vaccination clinics on our website here – this page is updated regularly and we would appreciate your support in sharing the information. 

Read more in our weekly borough update

Highlight of the week

Top questions

Scientists continue to look carefully at the characteristics of the virus in relation to the vaccines.  There is no e

Any Covid-19 vaccine that is approved for use in the UK, must meet strict standards of safety, quality and effectiveness. The Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI) have advised that all 16 and 17 year olds should receive their first dose of the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine.  

The vaccination can cause some side effects, but not everyone gets them. Typically side effects for individuals aged 12 to 17 years are injection site pain, fever and headache. These reactions are generally mild and short-lived, typically lasting 1-2 days. 

Extremely rare side effects, which usually occur within a few days of the second dose include; myocarditis (inflammation of the heart muscle) and pericarditis (inflammation of the membrane around the heart). 

Any vaccines that the NHS provides has passed strict tests on their safety and effectiveness. However, the JCVI 16 and 17-year-olds who are considering taking the COVID -19 vaccine will not need parental consent to do so. Current UK guidance states that at 16 years of age a young person is presumed in law to have the capacity to consent, so young people aged 16 or 17 years should consent to their own medical treatment. 

At some vaccination clinics you might be asked to provide proof of age, particularly if a vaccination clinic is only vaccinating a specific age group.  

Please take along a record of your NHS number. Staff at the vaccination clinic will use this to pull up your record and confirm your age.  

If you don’t have your NHS number to hand, you can bring along a proof of identification. For example: 

  • Passport 
  • Driving license/Provisional license  
  • PASS card from the national Proof of Age Standards Scheme 

The JCVI (Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation) have advised that all pregnant women should be offered the COVID-19 vaccine at the same time as the rest of the population. 

The JCVI also advise that it is preferable for the Pfizer-BioNTech or Moderna mRNA vaccines to be offered to pregnant women in the UK, where available. COVID-19 vaccines available in the UK, do not contain live coronavirus or any ingredients that are known to be harmful to pregnant women or to developing babies. 

The vaccine is considered to be safe and effective at any stage of pregnancy. Women may wish to discuss having the vaccine with their healthcare professional and reach a joint decision based on individual circumstances.  

If you have had COVID-19 then your body may have built up some natural immunity to the virus, however we don’t know how long this immunity lasts or if it fully protects you from catching COVID-19 again. It is likely that natural immunity won’t last as long as the immunity given to you by a vaccine. So, it is still very important to take up the offer of a COVID-19 vaccine when it becomes available to you. 

If you are over 18, you’ll need to book a 2nd dose for 8 to 12 weeks after your 1st dose. 

  • If you book online, you’ll be asked to book appointments for both doses. You can manage your COVID-19 vaccination appointments to view your appointments and rebook if you need to. 
  • If you have your 1st dose at a walk-in vaccination site, you can book your 2nd COVID-19 vaccination appointment online. You’ll need to wait 24 hours after your 1st dose before you can book. 
  • If you have your 1st dose through your GP surgery, you’ll be contacted when it’s time to book your 2nd dose. 

Getting tested if you don’t have symptoms

Around 1 in 3 people with COVID-19 do not have any symptoms. You can get a free rapid COVID-19 test at a local site in Wandsworth, and get the results the same day, usually within 30 minutes. This is called lateral flow testing.

Find out more at wandsworth.gov.uk

Information in different formats and languages

You can translate all the written content on this website by using the language menu in the top right hand corner of this page.

Useful resources are available in many languages and formats, including British Sign Language, which will help you to learn more about the vaccine and how it’s being offered. The handy resources have been produced by the NHS, Public Health England and partners.

Engagement with local communities

To date, we have worked with community groups to deliver 73 online and community based Covid-19 vaccine information sessions with over 2700 attendees from diverse communities in Wandsworth.    

We are supporting our local groups and charities to reach communities with the latest information on vaccine drop-ins and pop-ups. Together with our Patient and Public Involvement Reference Group and Thinking Partners in Wandsworth, we have been sharing facts about the vaccines in multiple formats including Easy Read and in other languages. 

Over the last fortnight we have been working with Hestia to reach those who have concerns about the vaccines in supported housing, domestic abuse and mental health services reaching 45 of Hestia’s staff.  Alongside our pharmacy team, we also delivered a Healthcare Question and Answer session with Wandsworth Asian Carers and the Macular Society to spread the word about the safety of the vaccines and learn how we can make the vaccine clinics even more accessible.  

Upcoming sessions will include Wandsworth Summer Unlocked for 18-25 year olds linking in with A2nd Voice who are running community activities for young Autistic people from Black British and Black African residents. 

We are also delighted to announce that we have now awarded eight projects via our NHS Wandsworth Community Grants Programme – South West London CCG (swlondonccg.nhs.uk) and will work alongside those groups to share information on the vaccination programme to support people to make the best decisions to protect their health.    

Please do get in contact if you would like to discuss community engagement in Wandsworth: 

Naomi Good naomi.good@swlondon.nhs.uk    

To find out more about local engagement, you can read the Wandsworth Communications and Engagement Plan.

If you’d like to attend a local COVID-19 vaccination event or find out more, email getinvolved@swlondon.nhs.uk 

COVID-19 news

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