Kingston Health and Care Plan event

In November 2018 we held an event which brought together health and care frontline staff, local people and representatives from lots of different community organisations to talk about what’s important for health and care in Kingston. 

We talked about the kinds of things which no single organisation can achieve alone – like combating childhood obesity and supporting people with diabetes. We used a framework to recruit paid members of the public selected primarily by age, gender, ethnicity, where they live in the borough, long term conditions (if any), age of children (if any), and if they provide unpaid care for someone that has a condition that limits their daily activity. Discussions were centred on whether we are focusing on the right areas for Kingston, and how to ensure the action we take has maximum impact for local people.

There was great energy and fresh ideas in the room. It was clear that people were passionate about health and care in our borough and wanted to support us.

What we heard

“I felt there was a genuine interest from key individuals, driving this initiative.”

“There was a real feeling that something must be done. Now is the time for action and motivating residents, businesses, schools and services to jointly collaborate for the benefit of Kingston borough.”

“With all the good ideas and suggestions, the systems would greatly improve standards and speed things up for people who need help and support as well.”

What’s next?

Working with our local health and care partners we used the ideas generated during the November event to build on what we had already heard from local people and the local information we had about our borough to develop draft actions and anticipated impacts to support our health and care priorities.

In May 2019, we published a health and care plan discussion document to continue the conversation – to test and check our draft proposals – with local people most involved in and affected by what was included in the discussion document. We did this through a mix of face to face discussions at local groups and forums, an online survey hosted on the Council’s website and written feedback.

Read an overview of the feedback we used to inform the development of the plan.

Working with our local health and care partners, including Kingston Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, Kingston Council, South West London and St George’s Mental Health Trust, Achieving for Children, Healthwatch Kingston and the local voluntary sector, we considered the feedback to inform the final version of the health and care plan. We made several changes to the plan in response to feedback from local people.

We produced a “you said, we did” document which sets out our responses to the feedback received and how it has informed the final plan.

Read the Kingston Health and Care Plan You Said We Did.