Hadil Harman, Psychology Intern, from Talk Wandsworth has written a blog for Mental Health Awareness Week

“Mindful Walking”

Spirituality is about both faith and meaning in life. However, even if you don’t practice a faith, it’s possible to practice spiritual self-care. Providing spiritual self-care may mean spending time in prayer or meditation or practicing mindfulness by going on a long walk to contemplate purpose and meaning. Regardless of how you find meaning and purpose in life, spirituality can build social support and ease psychological and emotional distress. 

So how can mindful walking help? The goal of this type of walking is to reduce stress and be more present in the moment. By taking a mindful walk, you get the benefits of meditation without having to sit still. This includes taking in nature! Nature specifically can improve your mood and help you take time out to feel more relaxed amongst other benefits.

Walking with awareness means paying more attention to your surroundings, your thoughts, or the physical sensations, such as the wind blowing against your face or your foot landing on the ground and rolling from your heel to your toes.”

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