London TikTok doc drives COVID-19 vaccinations

Merton GP Dr Mohan Sekeram has taken to TikTok to boost take-up of the COVID-19 vaccination and spread the word across social media.

Dr Mohan, who is a GP at Wide Way Medical Centre, has made a series of fun films on TikTok to address concerns people have raised. With much misleading content circulating on social media, the films seek to give people the facts – that the COVID-19 vaccines are safe and effective and offer the best protection we have against coronavirus.

He said: “Ultimately, we know the vaccine is safe and effective and saves lives so in any spare time I have I try spread the word whenever I can. If you have seen at first-hand what a serious illness coronavirus is, then every case prevented is worthwhile.”

The films have had a great reaction and have prompted more questions.

“I try to get the life-saving messages across in a fun engaging way,” says Dr Mohan. “TikTok is a good platform to reach out to younger audiences, now the vaccine is gradually being made available to younger people, and is the best way to protect everyone.

“This age group is used to short sharp clips which share a message, long drawn-out videos can lose people’s attention. I try to keep messages fun but with an educational element, hoping that people will talk to their families and friends to encourage take up the vaccine.”

Following the success of the vaccine films, Dr Mohan is now using the channels to inform people about social prescribing – where patients are encouraged to take part in community activities like exercise or join social groups to beat isolation and improve their health.

Dr Mohan can be found on TikTok at @docmerton and can also be found on Twitter @SekeramMoha.

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