Asian Resource Centre Croydon launches new Type 2 diabetes education programme

Each year more than 800 adults are diagnosed with diabetes in Croydon and research shows that by 2035 around 44,000 people across the borough will have the condition. The majority of which will have type 2 diabetes, making the prevention and management of the chronic condition a public health priority. The signs that you have type 2 diabetes may not be obvious, or there may be no signs at all. That’s why it’s important to know the diabetes risk factors, particularly for South Asian and Black African or Caribbean people who are two to four times* more likely to develop the condition.

After identifying a need to improve health awareness and understanding of the long term condition in the South Asian community, the Asian Resource Centre Croydon partnered with NHS South West London & Successful Diabetes to launch DoSA: A type 2 diabetes education pilot programme for people of South Asian heritage.

Developed in collaboration with people of South Asian heritage with lived experience of the condition, the bespoke programme aims to reduce diabetes related distress and the emotional burden of living with the chronic condition. Delivered over 12 weeks the free course will support 100 Croydon residents with diabetes to develop increased knowledge about their condition and confidence to manage it effectively.

Diabetes specialist nurse (left) and DoSA course facilitator in training

Diabetes Specialist Nurse, Rosie Walker (left) shared more about the project:

“We understand that some people find the idea of managing their diabetes overwhelming and it can feel like an emotional burden at times. The DosA programme is great for providing that practical support to manage diabetes effectively in a way that’s culturally understanding of the South Asian culture, lifestyle, and diet.”

Community support

“We’ve trained 9 residents so far, many with lived experience of type 2 diabetes to become community course facilitators. They’ll be there to provide coaching and motivational support to participants throughout the programme, so people never have to feel like they’re on their own. We really hope the DoSA programme will help people to grow in confidence when it comes to managing their condition and that by taking part, they’ll find strategies that work best for them.”

You can join the DoSA programme if you:

  • Are of South Asian background and lifestyle
  • Have been diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes
  • Are registered with a GP in Croydon
DoSA Facilitators in training

DoSA provides a wealth of information, self-assessments, practical exercises and quizzes to support people to reflect on their health and make positive changes to improve their quality of life. Participants can expect to dedicate around 30 minutes a day to the programme to complete learning and fitness activities.

The free and flexible course includes:

  • A practical home-based learning manual filled with healthy lifestyle and fitness recommendations
  • 2 practical resources to support healthy eating, cooking and managing South Asian celebrations at home
  • A journal to track eating patterns and capture your thoughts and feelings throughout the programme
  • 3 motivational support phone calls with a trained DoSA Facilitator

Register for the DoSA programme today.

For more information, contact:

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*Diabetic medicine 2019