Croydon introduces remote monitoring for COVID-19 patients

The NHS in Croydon has launched a home oxygen monitoring service for patients with suspected or confirmed Covid-19. Patients who join the service will be provided with a pulse oximeter (a finger pulse device that can measure heart rate and oxygen levels in the blood) to use at home to monitor their oxygen saturation levels. They will also be recruited into a virtual ward where a clinical team will remotely monitor symptoms for a period of 14 days.

This service has been designed to support suspected or confirmed Covid-19 patients who don’t need immediate hospital attention but who are at high risk of developing serious symptoms. If low oxygen levels are detected early on, the clinical team can support patients early before symptoms get worse. Advanced nurse practitioners can then treat patients earlier so that their condition improves to make their recovery better and help to prevent patients from needing to go into hospital.

The Croydon Covid Oximeter@Home Monitoring Service (CCOM) has received 192 patients since launching in December. It is available 7 days a week from 9am – 6pm and is open to patients over 65 and those who are under 65 if they are clinically at higher risk from Coronavirus. The service is delivered through a local health care team of advanced nurse practitioners and provided by the Croydon GP Collaborative for people who are registered with a GP in the borough of Croydon.

Patients can be referred by their GP at any point during the course of their symptomatic illness, and up and until the 14th day of symptoms. Once admitted into the service, they will be contacted by the home monitoring team for an initial induction on how to use the oxygen monitor. They will be monitored via a daily call for up to 14 days, during which the team will monitor and review symptoms and oxygen saturation levels.

Dr Hason Alogaily, Croydon GP Collaborative’s Medical Director said: ‘‘We’re excited to be bringing this service to Croydon residents. Close monitoring remotely allows us to diagnose and treat Covid19 patients much earlier, which can make a significant difference to the patient’s experience and outcomes.”

Dr Agnelo Fernandes, Chairman of Croydon NHS said : “This is a real step forward for both patients and healthcare teams, locally. Our patients are grateful to be at home whilst they recover, and the new digital tools allow our staff to monitor multiple patients efficiently and effectively at the same time.”

The Croydon Covid Oximeter@Home Monitoring service went live on Tuesday 15th December and is currently being extended to support patients with Covid-19 symptoms in hospital through referral directly from the Emergency Department.

About the Croydon GP Collaborative

The Croydon GP Collaborative is a group of 55 Croydon GP practices who cover approximately 392,000 patients. They are commissioned by Croydon Health Services, Croydon CCG and Public Health to provide a range of services including dermatology, Anticoagulation, Domiciliary Car Service, OOH and Enhanced Access Service hubs.