Vaccinations for Croydon’s most vulnerable following successful first event

This Tuesday (11th May 2021), clinical teams will be providing COVID-19 vaccinations at Lantern Hall from 12pm to 4pm targeting homeless and vulnerable people in Croydon.

At the first event in early April, 68 people were vaccinated, and they will be able to receive their second dose on Tuesday, at Turning Point Croydon Recovery Network Drug & Alcohol service.

Trauma doctors, nurses, recovery workers and volunteers worked throughout the day to provide additional support. In the health tent 14 hepatitis C and B tests were given to vulnerable adults as well as tests for diabetes and a general health check.

The events are being hosted by South West London NHS in partnership with Turning Point, Crisis, SPIRES, Croydon Reach and the Archbishop of Croydon. Clinical teams from Covid Crisis Rescue Foundation, Rainbow Health Centre and local Croydon GPs are giving the vaccine.

No appointment is necessary if you are in the vulnerable group and there will be free “Vaxi Taxis” running to collect those attending, people who are homeless households, rough sleepers, asylum seekers, sex workers or living in emergency accommodation. There is also the option to receive the injection inside the car if wished. There will also be free food and drink provided.

Those attending do not need to bring a letter, NHS number or be registered with a GP. Everyone has a right to access a GP in the UK and teams will be available to support with registration if someone wishes.

Dr Agnelo Fernandes, GP Borough Lead for Croydon, said: “COVID-19 vaccinations are safe, effective and save lives – this is another great example of the way GPs in Croydon are working closely with others to ensure the most vulnerable people in our communities receive their jab. 

“I have no doubt that everyone involved will work to ensure it is as successful as a similar organised last month when almost 70 people were vaccinated.”

Lead Midwife for Vulnerable and Marginalised Women at Croydon Health Services NHS Trust and vaccinator at the clinic, Memuna Sowe, said: “Everyone is being encouraged to get vaccinated when it’s their turn and it is especially important for those experiencing homelessness or vulnerable people, many of whom have underlying health conditions that put them at higher risk of complications from the virus.

“Clinics like this and the one held last month are vital in ensuring they are able to safely and easily receive the vaccine, which is the best route out of this pandemic.”

Suzanna Morgan is a Team Leader from Turning Point Croydon service who has been supporting the events, she said: “It’s incredibly important the most vulnerable in our community have access to this life saving vaccine. In April we saw some great engagement, not just for the vaccine, but for other health and wellbeing support too. 

“We would encourage anyone from these listed groups, if you have not yet been vaccinated, please come along!”