Community leaders join forces with the local NHS to support booster drive

Today, with the increasing spread of the omicron variant, the NHS in south west London has joined forces with local leaders from all faiths and communities to help spread the vaccine message in the fight against the virus.

Community leaders across south west London have already played a vital role through the pandemic to help keep their communities and are now again urging people to get vaccinated by the end of the year.

Nadir Mothojakan, Secretary for Education, Health, Community Engagement and Interfaith Issues at Croydon Mosque, who has been involved with the Covid-19 vaccination programme throughout the pandemic said:

“The Covid-19 pandemic hit Croydon very hard and we at Croydon Mosque have been honoured to be part of the solution by sharing information, hosting pop-up vaccination clinics in the mosque itself including one for asylum seekers. 

“Working alongside our partners in the NHS, Croydon Council, community and voluntary groups, we know it’s so important to keep the conversation going to reassure local people that the vaccine is safe and effective and to come forward and have theirs.”

Supporting the fight against COVID-19

John Azah, chair of Kingston Race Equality Council (KREC) who has worked with the local NHS to organise a Q&A session aimed at Black, African & Caribbean residents of Kingston, said:

“Covid-19 has caused unimaginable stress misery and death within communities and especially among Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic communities. That is why we at KREC are supporting our Health Partners in the fight against Covid-19, by providing the right information, to ensure that people who are uncertain or afraid, to help them make up their minds.

“I have seen the damage caused by this pandemic at very close quarters and insist some of the pain created can be prevented by getting vaccinated. By being vaccinated it also prevents you from putting other people, family, friends and even strangers at risk and passing on this awful disease. Please get vaccinated and get your booster if you are due to receive it and help prevent passing on COVID-19.” 

Vaccines are the best way to protect people against COVID-19 and data from the UK Health Security Agency shows a booster vaccine tops-up protection against symptomatic infection from the Omicron variant to around 70%.

If you have yet to get your first or second dose, it is never too late – vaccines reduce your risk of hospitalisation and death. Whatever your faith or your background, join the national effort and get the protection you need now.

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