Changes to services and outpatient appointments at Kingston Hospital

In response to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and to minimise risk to patients and staff, Kingston Hospital is making some changes to its services, effective from Monday 23 March 2020.


Please be advised that the hospital is no longer carrying out routine operations in the hospital (whether it is in day surgery, main theatres, the eye theatre or dental).

Kingston Hospital continues to operate on urgent and cancer patients.

Outpatient appointments

From today, the hospital has stopped routine face-to-face outpatient appointments, however they will continue to run telephone clinics in some areas. This is to free up the medical teams to support on the wards as required. 

For patients who have already been referred on a routine pathway, the hospital will keep these patients on a waiting list and will rebook their appointments at a future date, which may be some months ahead. The clinical teams have risk stratified all their patients and have identified which are urgent and which are routine.

The hospital is no longer accept routine new referrals, however GPs can continue to make urgent and cancer referrals in the normal way.  

The hospital is also cancelling all routine diagnostics, but will continue to see patients for diagnostics on urgent or cancer pathways.

This is an evolving picture and the hospital will be communicating all these changes as much as possible to both patients and health care professionals.  The hospital will continue to see patients on urgent and cancer pathways (either in person or over the phone as appropriate).

Walk-in services at The Royal Eye Unit A&E

Patients who are self-referring or who have been advised to visit Kingston Hospital’s Royal Eye Unit A&E by another healthcare professional, will no longer be seen on a walk-in basis.  Instead, patients will be directed to the local ophthalmic service wherever possible. 

Walk-in services at the Wolverton Centre for Sexual Health

The Wolverton Centre for Sexual Health has also moved from a walk-in service to a booked appointment system.  Details can be found here

This update reflects the current situation, but may change over the coming days.