Care home residents and staff take up COVID-19 vaccinations in Wandsworth

Queenie Jeyasingham, is one of the residents of Trinity Court Nursing Home in Wandsworth to get her second COVID-19 vaccination.

So far, 38 out of the home’s 39 residents have received their second jabs with 42 out of 47 staff getting their second jabs too. First doses were administered between the second week of January with follow up doses through to the second week of April.

It’s particularly important for older people like Queenie who have significant health issues and their carers to be vaccinated. The coronavirus vaccine is safe and effective and remains our best protection against COVID-19.

Queenie’s daughter, Mercy Jeyasingham, said: “I feel my mother is much safer now. Trinity Court was very good in ensuring that the vaccine was given to staff and residents. I was fully informed of the effectiveness of the vaccine and any possible side effects. I am delighted to say that my mother did not have any side effects.”

The vaccinations were given by Dr Clare Macmichael of Balham Park Surgery who said that Trinity Court’s owners and managers had been the first to be vaccinated in order to encourage other staff to get their jabs.

Trinity Court’s registered manager, Santa Daly, said: “We feel fortunate to have been given the opportunity to have the vaccine. The benefits for the residents, staff and families are undeniable. This is the first step to moving forwards and beating this virus.

“After such an incredibly difficult year, we can finally see some light at the end of the tunnel and bring back some normality for our lovely residents.”

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