This page contains a summary of all the key documentation relating to proposals to improve kidney care at St George’s and St Helier hospitals.

Engagement report and analysis

This is the full engagement report outlining the objectives we had, discussion topics and organisation of feedback and methodology. Also included is the full independent analysis of the findings.

Summary (engagement document)

Sometimes referred to as our ‘engagement document’ or ‘proposal document’, this explains the proposals in plain English, including how the ideas would improve kidney care in south west London and the impacts some patients may experience (including travel from page 12).

Read the full summary. Alternatively download the easy read version.






Case studies

These three example case studies illustrate how the proposals could affect different patients. Read the case studies.

Renal clinics explainer

Describes where renal clinics are based at the present time and what types of renal care they provide. Read the renal clinics explainer.

Business case

This gives the most complex explanation of the proposals and impacts. It presents a detailed case for change, including information on epidemiology and public health, estates and workforce. For an explanation in plain English, please read the summary.

Alternatively, read the business case.

Impact assessment

This explains the benefits and impacts patients may experience if the proposals were to go ahead, including impacts on race and ethnicity, older people, religion and belief, mental health and learning disabilities, physical disability and deprivation. For an explanation of the impacts in plain English, please read the summary.

Alternatively, read the impact assessment. Travel analysis can be found from page 13.


Records of the latest meetings related to our proposals to improve kidney services: