Improving kidney care

A proposal for kidney services at St Helier and St George’s hospitals 

Kidney proposals agreed by Committees in Common

At a meeting on Thursday 18 November, South West London and Surrey Committees in Common (CiC) approved the proposal put forward by kidney clinicians from St Helier and St George’s hospitals to improve inpatient care for kidney patients.

The CiC agreed the proposal can be taken forward to the next stage, which would be a full decision making case. The CiC agreed the proposal alongside recommendations of further action to be taken by the NHS to address issues raised during public engagement, including travel and transport and continuity of care.

This is an important  step for improving care for kidney patients and will see £80m of investment into the service, including a new unit at St George’s in Tooting.

More information can be found here.  

The proposal

Instead of continuing to have inpatient renal care at two hospitals, renal doctors and nurses would like to bring this more specialist care together in a single new £80m unit at St George’s Hospital.

The main changes would affect about five percent of patient’s contact with renal services:

Kidney patients needing inpatient (overnight) care

  • You would go to the new kidney unit at St George’s for treatment for surgery, transplants and acute kidney injury.

Some patients who need more specialised outpatient support

  • Patients who may need extra support and advice, for example after a transplant, would go to St George’s.
  • Some outpatient appointments would move to St Helier, such as training for home dialysis.

There will be no changes to other kidney services

  • 95 percent of a patient’s contact with kidney services will remain the same.
  • No changes to existing dialysis services and kidney clinics in local hospitals, units or at home. For example, if you receive support within the community for your kidney treatment, this will continue.

“As the body representing local kidney patients, we support this proposal from the clinical teams to improve renal care.”

Chairs of St George’s and St Helier Kidney Patients Associations

Artist’s impressions (draft subject to change)

More information

You can read the summary, which explains the proposals in more detail, including how these ideas would improve kidney care in south west London and the impacts some patients may experience.

You can also read more about where this proposal has come from and why some kidney services will be moving from St Helier Hospital to another hospital.

We’ve published some case studies, to illustrate how the proposals could affect different patients, and also artist’s impressions so you can see how the brand new unit at St George’s Hospital could look in the future.

Find out more about where current renal clinics are and what care they provide in our renal clinics explainer.

Alternatively, explore all the documentation.

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