Subject Access Requests

Under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the Data Protection Act 2018, you have the right to see or be given copies of any personal data we hold about you. This may include documents such as reports, minutes or emails.

  • Your name and contact details (you may be required to provide proof of identity)
  • The name of the person the information relates to, if acting on another’s behalf.
  • State clearly what you want – you may not want all the personal data that the organisation holds about you, for example you may want information which relates to a specified time period.
  • Any details or relevant dates that will help it identify what you want.

The CCG has one calendar month in which to respond to your request.  An extension of a further two months can be granted for requests which are “complex or numerous”. We will let you know if this is the case within one month.

You can make a request verbally or in writing. If you make your request verbally, we recommend you follow it up in writing to provide a clear trail of correspondence. It will also provide clear evidence of your actions.

Yes. If making a request on behalf of someone else, the CCG needs to be satisfied that the third party making the request is entitled to make the request and may ask for proof of this.

If making a request on behalf of a child, you may be asked to provide proof of parental responsibility and/or depending on the age and understanding of the child, evidence of their consent.

Make a Subject Access Request now

You can email your request to, or post to Subject Access Request to the following address: NEL Information Governance Team  1 Lower Marsh London SE1 7NT