As well as responding to requests for information, we must publish information proactively. Here you can find all the information we’re required to publish under our publication scheme.

At present, all the information we proactively release is available free of charge on this website. If in the future we make information available but do not publish it on our website, we will update this publication scheme to explain how you can access it and explain any charges that may be necessary.

i. How we fit into the NHS structure

ii. Organisational structure

iii. Organisations we work in partnership with

iv. How to contact us

Standing financial instructions

Procurement and tendering procedures

  • Our plans
  • Vision and Strategy
  • Operating plan and commissioning intentions
  • Performance – you can find documents related to this on our board papers page
  • Other plans and strategies/reports

As we are a new CCG, our policies are still being developed.

Read our currently available policies