Learning disability and autism – host commissioner responsibilities

Host commissioner guidelines: People diagnosed with a learning disability and/or autism

NHS England and NHS Improvement published host commissioner guidance in January 2021. This sets out the host commissioner responsibilities. The host commissioner is the CCG in whose geographic patch the specialist mental health inpatient unit which provides care commissioned by CCGs to people with a learning disability, autistic people or both is located. This includes assessment and treatment units, long term rehabilitation units, and other specialist inpatient units.

There are four Independent hospitals in South West London supporting people with a diagnosis of a learning disability and/or autism and one NHS trust – South West London and St George’s Mental health NHS Trust. The independent hospitals are caring for people who have been placed by many different CCGs into South West London. A list of the hospitals located in South West London is provided at the end of this page. 

Further information can be found in the host commissioner guidelines for people diagnosed with a learning disability and/or autism.

Our role as as host commissioner

  • Be the point of contact for all placing CCGs for issues relating to quality and patient safety.
  • Keep an oversight of concerns in relation to the provision in South West London.
  • Share and request intelligence across commissioners placing people in our area.  
  • Work in conjunction with local, regional and national Quality Surveillance Group (QSG) arrangements, taking a lead role in co-ordinating the response required if there are serious and / or multiple concerns identified.

The role of CCGs placing in South West London

  • Talk to us prior to admitting a person into South West London CCG.
  • Commission and oversee the individual’s hospital placement and pathway of care back into the community, and undertake regular commissioning reviews of the individual patient.
  • Talk to us about issues relating to quality and patient safety you identify within South West London Independent Hospitals.
  • Collaborate with us when we set up collaborative assurance meetings across CCGs. The purpose of these is to share information across stakeholders and work together to support Independent Hospitals to maintain quality, mitigate risk and resolve concerns.     

How to tell us about a concern

It’s important that CCGs placing in South West London talk to us about issues relating to quality and patient safety. This will help us triangulate information and also address any identified concerns as host commissioner. We also encourage our independent providers to talk to us about concerns that arise.  It remains the responsibility of the placing CCG to deal with any concerns as they arise.

You can email us at tcphostcommissioner@swlondon.nhs.uk

Reporting safeguarding concerns

We work closely with our Local Authority safeguarding Leads. Should you have any safeguarding concerns or wish to make a safeguarding referral it will be your responsibility as placing CCG to contact the relevant Local Authority. South West London safeguarding teams will also contact you directly should a local safeguarding concern be raised that involves the person you have placed in South West London. 

Read more about safeguarding, how to make a referral and local safeguarding contacts.

Please talk to us when you are considering placing a person with a diagnosis of a learning disability and/or autism in South West London.

If you intend to admit a person within South West London, we invite you to contact us in advance and we will be able to advise you of any current safety or quality concerns. When contacting us please do not include person identifiable information in your emails. We will never ask for identifiable information about people you place in our area. 

South West London Inpatient Units Hospitals

In South West London we have host commissioning responsibilities for the following inpatient units:

  • In Mind Healthcare, Southleigh Hospital
  • In Mind Healthcare, Woodleigh Hospital
  • South West London and St George’s NHS Trust, Tolworth Hospital
  • South West London and St George’s NHS Trust, Springfield Hospital
  • South West London and St. George’s NHS Trust, Burntwood Villas
  • South West London and St George’s NHS Trust, Queen Mary’s Hospital
  • The Priory, Roehampton*
  • The Huntercombe Group, Roehampton*

*(Specialised commissioning lead on relationship management / host commissioner at a corporate level with these providers due to their provision at a number of sites nationally)